When is Danang tourism best?

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Da Nang weather   is typical between the North and the South, but it has a typical climate typical of the South. During the year, the climate in Danang is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season (from December to August) and the rainy season (from September to November). Winter in Danang is also affected by cold air.

The best time to travel to Da Nang is from January to July, the peak is from February to May. At this time, the weather is cool, not too hot, the temperature is about 23 – 38 degrees Celsius suitable for activities. Have fun and visit, swim. And if you go from September to October in Da Nang with a lot of rain, besides there are storms so you will not go out much, do not swim and cannot move to Cu Lao Cham at this time. .

In early April to the end of August, the calendar is the best time to travel to Da Nang beach, this time the weather is warm, less rain suitable for fun activities and sightseeing. viagra pour homme au maroc  However, the price of services often increases so you should actively book airline tickets and hotels early. The low tourist season in Da Nang from September to the end of March next year, it is raining and fewer tourists.

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