Travel Guide Nha Trang From A To Z

Nha Trang attracts people by the dynamic beauty of a young city, like a dreamy full moon girl, which we see there the innocence, clarity of the fairy age, but a little somewhere. A little wild mystery. So, after a long journey throughout the North and South, we choose Nha Trang as a place to stop when we feel our hearts have too much desire, to immerse ourselves in the blue sea of ​​white sand, to try the feeling of wandering among the dense primeval forests and sometimes dreaming wandering of ancient Cham temples, tinged with time. The heart suddenly felt that I could not stop, go and could not return, immersed in the ink painting full of the love of the central region.

Biển Nha Trang

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Travel experiences in Nha Trang 2020

Here is the complete information about  travel experiences in Nha Trang 2020: Self-  relocation, timing, transportation, hotels, places to visit, entertainment and dining, shopping … etc. you can refer to for the upcoming trip.

Traveling to Nha Trang in any beautiful season / The best time to go to Nha Trang 

First, the prerequisite for a   great self-sufficient tour du lịch Nha Trang is that you have to identify great times in Nha Trang. Nha Trang has a quite mild climate, 2 distinct rainy-dry seasons, according to the tourism experience Nha Trang has “people who go ahead”, you can come here at any time of the year.

–  Should travel to Nha Trang at any time ? Ideally, you should go to Nha Trang between January and August. But the best Nha Trang is from 7,8,9 solar calendar and November, 12 lunar calendar.

– Do not go: October and November is the time you should not go to Nha Trang, because your travel plan will be hindered by the rain.

When traveling to Nha Trang for the first time , August is the peak month of  traveling to Nha Trang , so if you want to have a comfortable, cheap and free vacation, you should avoid this month. Of course it is crowded but also the best weather month.

Du lịch Sài Gòn - Đà Lạt - Nha Trang

Where to travel to Nha Trang, what to play / Beautiful and famous attractions in Nha Trang

Du lịch Nha Trang – Điểm đến chưa bao giờ hết hot . As the second hottest tourist destination in the Central region, Nha Trang attracts visitors with many places to visit, famous sights and entertainment areas in our country.

The famous places to visit in Nha Trang 

 Tour du lịch hè Nha Trang has many tourist destinations, such as:  Vinpearl Land, Hon Mun, Hon Tam, Ninh Van Bay, Institute of Oceanography, Ponagar Tower, Hon Husband-wife, Dai Lanh beach, Dam Market …. inh Nha Trang travel experience  self-sufficient, cheap  , then if you do not have much time, you should go to the following main points:

– Vinpearl Land : This is the “paradise of the tropics” with luxury hotels, a sense of network and 4D cinema.

Tour du lịch Nha Trang

– Travel to 4 islands : Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Bai Tranh and Tri Nguyen Aquarium are  famous attractions in Nha Trang 2020 . With this service, according to Nha Trang travel experience  , you should buy a tour ticket.

– Ninh Van Bay : Bold wild features, very suitable for travelers who prefer tranquility, rest and relaxation. In addition, here you can also experience services such as scuba diving, watching corals, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking …

– Institute of Oceanography : All secrets of the sea are kept here. In particular, you can also see the types of sea creatures swimming around in a transparent aquarium.

– Ponagar Tower : A wonderful architectural work of the Cham people. Moreover, after visiting Thap Ba, you can go to the hot mineral water area to experience mud bathing service.

Tháp Bà Po Nagar

– Dai Lanh Beach :  Traveling to Nha Trang is good , you can rent a motorboat to visit the villages of Khai Luong, Dam Mon, Vung Ro port, … and enjoy or buy fresh seafood in these fishing villages. very cheap price.

– Dam Market : This is the largest market in Nha Trang. But if you want to buy something here, remember to bargain.

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Tour du lịch Nha Trang 4 ngày 3 đêm

New and famous entertainment and entertainment spots in Nha Trang

– Tri Nguyen Aquarium : About 2 km from Nha Trang seaport, Tri Nguyen Aquarium tourist site is located on Tri Nguyen Island. You will discover the ocean floor with extremely rich fauna and flora such as sharks, corals, sea turtles, seahorses, sea anemones … of the aquarium. Moreover, you also visit the island routes, camping, fishing … and visit the fishing village of Nha Trang.

– Thach Lam Spring WaterLand Resort : Located at Suoi Lau 2 Hamlet, Suoi Cat Commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province, about 20 Km from the center of Nha Trang city to the Southwest. Located at the foot of Hon Ba. Thach Lam Waterland provides main services which are: Entertainment and entertainment areas: Cherry Blossom Forest, paintball shooting, Teambuilding, Waterland Mini Golf, boating games over streams, grass games and amusement parks Day Ngoc Lake …

What to eat, where delicious when traveling in Nha Trang / Specialty food, delicious cheap address in Nha Trang

What to eat when traveling to Nha Trang ? Coming to Nha Trang, you definitely have to enjoy fresh seafood here. You can buy and enjoy the size of seafood in the fishing villages around Dai Lanh beach, both cheap and delicious.

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Điểm qua những món ăn ngon không thể cưỡng khi du lịch Nha Trang

– Bun cha: This is  a special dish of Nha Trang  that you should enjoy. With a special flavor, noodles, slender and chewy noodles are made from mackerel and delicious broth. To enjoy this dish, you can go to: Bun Ca Ba Nam Beo Apartment B2 Phan Boi Chau, Nha Trang and Loan fish vermicelli restaurant located on Ngo Gia Tu street (Trinh Phong junction).

– Jellyfish noodle becomes a genuine specialty of Nha Trang, with clear, sweet broth that is simmered from parrot with white, thick, crunchy jellyfish pieces. The taste is sweet, cool and rich. Address for you to eat delicious Nha Trang jellyfish noodles: Nam Ca Ba Beo Bun, Phan Boi Chau, Nha Trang and 23 Yet Kieu Restaurant. Prices range from 20-30k / bowl.

Điểm qua những món ăn ngon không thể cưỡng khi du lịch Nha Trang

– Nem Ninh Hoa becomes a  famous snack in Nha Trang , you should not miss this dish when coming to Nha Trang. There are two types of spring rolls and baked rolls, each with its own unique flavor.

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