These beautiful places should not be missed when traveling Hue

Currently, Hue is a popular destination for many tourist attractions. Here are the beautiful destinations that you must definitely visit when traveling to Hue if you do not want to regret anything the day you leave. 

Hue National School

In addition to its reputation for talent training, Hue Quoc Hoc has been dubbed the “Harvard school of Vietnam” for its unique architecture.

Besides the red brick wall gradually became the location for the “genuine” photos of Hue tourists, in the school yard, there are many cherry tree trees that are planted just after the season is full of beautiful roses. .

Vong Canh Hill

About 7km from the center of Hue city, it only takes about 20 minutes for you to reach Vong Canh hill and admire the full beauty of the ancient capital, especially at sunrise or sunset.

With a height of about 43m, located in the southwest of Hue city next to the poetic Huong River, standing from Vong Canh hill, visitors can see the Hon Chen Palace as well as many other beautiful landscapes of the country. Hue.

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