Personality like Corgi

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Intelligent calculation

You do not think they look cute to think that they are stupid. Corgi dog is the 11th boss of the smartest dogs in the world. Their capture the lesson quickly. Huấn luyện chó But because they are so stubborn, sometimes you will have difficulty in training. At that time, you should be strict right away.

Personality like Corgi


Corgi dogs are also very loyal. They are ready to attack the enemy when you are threatened. glace viagra  In addition, this breed also has drawbacks that are barking and chewy. If you do not remind and teach them how to stop barking, you will have a headache later.


This is an extremely friendly dog ​​breed, almost anyone can play with them even children. They are very active and rarely stay in one place so you should take them out to play often. Bringing them out will help release energy and also help to consume calories, as this is a dog that is easily obese.

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