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A few things to note before traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia  is one of the countries with hot, humid and rainy weather, so for your convenience, you should choose:

1. Shorts or light shorts:  With cool cotton material, shorts are one of the great choices when traveling to Malaysia . But if you are not used to wearing shorts and instead of long pants, do not rush to “imagine” with jeans because the humidity here is quite high so it is difficult to evaporate when you sweat. So synthetic materials can’t keep you cool and dry all the time. 

2. Shoes and socks:  The best advice is to choose sandals or shoes because in most Asian countries people often put away shoes when entering the house or going to religious places. For added convenience, you have only two options: shoes (loafers) or sandals!

3. Coats:  If you go to places like Cameron, Genting, Bukit Tinggi, you should bring a thin coat or sweater because the temperature here is much colder than the central areas, especially in the evening. . 

4. Rain: November to January is the most rainy period in  Malaysia.  But the rain usually does not last more than 1 hour. So the best way to protect your health is to prepare an umbrella to prevent sudden rains.

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