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Go to Singapore self-sufficient and explore one of the most modern cities in Southeast Asia . Experience entertainment activities at Universal Studios Singapore, explore Sentosa Island or gaze at Marina Bay Sand. Travelsgcc Share your experience of Cheap Singapore Travel from A to Z, help you have the most fun & wonderful trip …

Du lịch Singapore  is no longer a strange destination for lovers of travel. Despite its small area and scarce resources, the “lion island nation” has made the impossible possible. In order to rise from then to become a Southeast Asian power in both economy and tourism. Therefore, at present, the đặt tour đi du lịch Singapore  growing increasingly diverse, bringing  interesting and unique Singapore tours for tourists from all directions.

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Book a tour to Singapore – The most famous landmarks in Singapore today

With a blend of Asian and European culture, Singapore has attracted the hearts of people through the magnificent works built. Let’s take a look at the famous landmarks here

Marina Bay Sands

Integration of luxury resorts and restaurants. Numerous shops, one of Asia’s largest convention centers, theaters, art museums and other entertainment centers. There is also an artificial ice skating rink here.

Singapore Flyer

A special feature of this ferris is also for people with disabilities. Located on Marina Bay, from the top of Singapore Flyer, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of the lion island nation.

 Singapore Flyer

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The temple is a memorial building located in the middle of Chinatown with Tang-style architecture. It often hosts exhibitions of Singapore’s religious art. Coming here, visitors will discover many interesting things about art and religion of indigenous people

Night Safari

This place is the first tourist attraction when coming to Singapore. You can stroll along the trails, have the opportunity to visit and learn about the animals here, see the unique animal circus. Night Safari is an exciting wild adventure you should not miss.

Vườn thú Night Safari

Singapore Botanic Gardens – Singapore botanical garden

The garden has over 60,000 species of plants and animals, and is home to the world’s first Children’s Garden – the perfect place for children to have fun and explore the amazing natural world. Here you can choose easily souvenirs to give to relatives and friends

Gardens by the Bay

Located in the heart of the city, including 3 main areas: Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South. Gardens by the Bay is famous for its giant “super trees” with a height of 20-25m and an artistic flow of light every night.

Gardens by the Bay

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a key translation service in Singapore. It is very bustling with a series of antique shops, unique fashion shops, trendy cafes, jazz clubs … This is a colorful picture of entertainment culture and cuisine in Asia – Europe. .

 Resorts World Sentosa

The highlight of Resorts World Sentosa is Universal Studios Singapore. This diverse destination with game genres and shows based on a series of blockbusters of Hollywood. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience many surprises

Orchard Shopping Boulevard

A series of shopping centers along the road, many luxury restaurants, a chain of cafes, bars and flashy hotels. This is the most upscale and trendy area in Singapore.

Đại lộ mua sắm Orchard

Tour reference:  Tour Singapore 3 ngày 2 đêm

In addition, taking a  tour of Singapore , visitors can admire and explore many other famous landmarks such as the Esplanade Opera House, Faber Mountain – “roof” of Singapore – where you can enjoy panoramic port views. Beautiful Singapore or visit and have fun at the world’s leading amusement park, Universal Studios, Sea Aquarium – the largest aquarium in the world and the “1 no 2” shopping paradise – Festivewalk in the island nation of Singapore. Quickly choose for yourself and your family an   impressive Singapore tour !

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