Loading and unloading of Ho Chi Minh City goods

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the centers of commerce, many industries and fields, especially the circulation of goods, the demand for loading and unloading is increasing. We Dai Nam understand this problem, We have organized a professional loading and unloading team, specializing dich vu boc xep hang hoa Ho Chi Minh City, and neighboring provinces such as Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Cu Chi, …

Loading and unloading of Ho Chi Minh City goods

Loading and unloading of Ho Chi Minh City goods

With the motto of “customer is number 1”, Dai Nam company always strives to improve and develop in order to bring customers demand for using Ho Chi Minh City cargo  handling  service “perfect” service with the “Fastest + Best + Cheapest” criterion.

Coming to Dai Nam, customers can be assured of a 100% perfect service commitment because we are the top company in the transportation industry for nearly 10 years, along with the staff. well-trained and standard scientific workflow ready to load and unload goods as required, ensuring safety and quality for goods as well as quick and economical working process.

Summary of Ho Chi Minh City loading and unloading service

  • Receive and unload all items, cooking oil, steel, cement, container cargo ……….
  • Transfer house, office, warehouse, …………
  • Hiring workers small, medium and relatively large, up to 100-200 people
  • Loading and unloading of containers, seaports, airports, ……… ..
  • Receive and unload according to customer requirements, hire by day, by hour ……
  • Especially  Dai Nam Company  works 24/24, including Saturday, Sunday, holidays, Tet, …….

Process of unloading goods in Ho Chi Minh City:

Step 1: Receive customer information

  • Currently, all businesses providing cargo handling services provide full contact information for customers, including: phone number, email, website, fax, facebook … to help customers with You can quickly contact us whenever your customers want to use the service.
  • At the same time, businesses also advocate building a professional, enthusiastic, cheerful customer service team, ready to receive information from customers, as well as be able to quickly answer. difficult problems, questions from customers.

Step 2: Survey and quote

  • Immediately after receiving information from customers, businesses will conduct analysis as well as field surveys based on information such as weight, weight, material, characteristics of goods, products and conditions. terrain as well as the distance to transport the product …
  • The company will calculate the plans to implement the loading and unloading process in detail, smart and economical, and at the same time plan to prepare the facilities and equipment as well as ensure the safety of real staff. current as well as ensure the quality of consumer goods.
  • And finally, the staff will contact, respond and quote to customers about the cost of using the cargo handling service.

Step 3: Sign a contract

  • The enterprise and its customer enter into a loading and unloading contract after both parties have agreed on all terms and fees stated in the service contract.

Step 4: Deploy the contract

  • After signing the contract, the enterprise mobilizes the appropriate workforce and the facilities, machinery and equipment to the workplace to begin the packaging, loading and transporting of goods for The customer side follows the criteria and commitments stipulated in the contract between the two parties.

Step 5: Acceptance and payment

  • When the loading and unloading process is completed, the two sides conduct the acceptance of the results and check the quality of the furniture and items according to the contract. Finally, customers proceed to pay the charges agreed in the contract with the shipping company.