Korea is a developed country so demand for labor is very high. Meanwhile, Vietnam is a developing country with a very large young labor force that needs labor export.

Since then, the demand and supply side has met by Vietnamese labor to export labor to Korea.

However, labor export to Korea needs to comply with many different conditions.

In the content of this article we will learn how to export Korean labor


Learn how to export Korean labor

Korean labor export is now divided into 2 forms: 

First form:  follow the program of employment agency centers,

Following the program of the brokerage center, you are forced to find a reputable center, pay a large sum of money to work. However, going to labor export in this form is very risky and legal is also not guaranteed. The unreliable center, the unfavorable work in Korea will make you invest a large amount of meaningless money. Currently, there are countless fraudulent labor export centers, so choosing a reputable center is not easy.

The second form:  under the program of the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs.

Following the program of the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, you absolutely can trust 100%. As a government unit, the program’s legal status and job security is much safer. 

However, to be able to participate in the Ministry’s labor export program, you must have Korean language proficiency in Labor Export – EPS. Each year, there is usually a new exam series for people who come to work abroad for the first time, and many times for those who have returned to work abroad. 

Therefore, in recent years, the majority of people in need of Korean labor export have chosen to follow the program of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

6 points to pay attention to when exporting Korean labor

1. Advantages:

  • High income from 300-500 million / year
  • Duration of visa long: 4 years 10 months 
  • Company changes 3 times within the visa period 
  • Employers will often provide accommodation assistance for employees
  • Supported to work overtime to increase income 

      ** After the end of the 4-year and 10-month labor contract, the worker returns home and is allowed to register for the 2nd Korean exam. 

2. Recruitment career

  • Manufacturing and manufacturing: Mechanical engineering, textiles, garments, food processing, …
  • Agriculture: Growing vegetables and fruits in greenhouses …
  • Construction: Installation of formwork, scaffolding, paint painting …
  • Fishery: Going to sea, catching seafood …

3. 9 steps in the process of joining labor export program in Korea (EPS)

Step 1: Learn Korean

Step 2: Take the Korean language competency test EPS

Step 3: Submit application for admission

Step 4: Korean enterprises employ employees to select and sign labor contracts

Step 5: Pay money, deposit Contract for sending workers to work in Korea with the Overseas Labor Center

Step 6: Deposit in social policy banks

Step 7: Attend a refresher course on knowledge and exit Korea

Step 8: Perform the labor contract in Korea and return home on time at the end of the contract

Step 9: Liquidate the contract and finalize the escrow account. Any questions related to you can leave your personal inbox here later

4. The cost of labor export Korea

Korean language tuition and EPS exam preparation in Dai Nam Company introduced

  • Korean language class EPS: 8,000,000 VND / course – 4 months  
  • Training course for EPS test: VND 4,000,000 / course – 2 months 
  • Time: 18h – 20h30 (Monday to Friday or can be arranged according to students’ needs)

** Offer: Discount 1,000,000 VND for those who register for 6 months

** You register for 4 months, get textbooks

5. Expenses paid to functional agencies

  • 630 USD (documents, fees for Visa, air tickets …) submitted at Foreign Employment Centers at No. 1, Trinh Hoai Duc, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • 500 USD of medical insurance costs, including 50 USD – risk insurance, 450 USD – repatriation expenses if the employee terminates the contract on time, this amount will be received after returning Vietnam.
  • VND 100 million deposit at Social Policy Bank in local (repayable after labor contract ends)

Note: This program is coordinated by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and the Foreign Employment Center, so no other center or company is authorized to sponsor the application. this. 

See more details at:

6. Korean labor export conditions

Age range: from 18 to 39 years old, good health

Height Weight :

+ For Men: over 160 cm high, weighing 50 kg or more.

+ For women: taller than 150 cm weighs 45 kg or more.

– Education level: graduated from junior secondary school and above

– No criminal record, not the object prohibited from entering Korea or banned from Vietnam. 

– Must pass Korean EPS exam

According to current regulations, workers wishing to work in Korea under the Korean work permit program for foreign workers (EPS) need to attend and pass the Korean language exam. (EPS-TOPIK) is organized by the Korea Human Resource Development Agency under the authorization of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Korea. Only those who have passed the Korean language exam will be eligible to apply for admission to work in Korea under the EPS program.

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