Experience Western travel from A – Z dedicated detail

If other places have ancient charm, the West is wearing an extremely captivating beauty by its strong and airy character. I really like the people of the West because of their honest and destructive nature. So if you have the opportunity to wander to the West, be sure to refer to this article first to have a good look at the place to prepare to play carefully!

Endowed with nature for the topography of the river with fruit orchards and rice fields, so the  du lịch Miền Tây  is always an ideal destination for visitors to immerse themselves in nature. , after busy working days in noisy towns.

Tour du lịch miền tây

Share self-sufficient travel experiences in the West

The west is the Mekong River Delta in the southern region of the country. This area includes 12 provinces: Bac Lieu, Hau Giang, Kien Giang, Tra Vinh, Vinh Long Ben Tre, Ca Mau, Dong Thap, An Giang, Tien Giang, Soc Trang, Long An and Can Tho.

This is a famous place that is mentioned many times in poetry with the characteristics of interlocking channels, transport is mainly by inland waterways. In addition, this place also has extremely rich animals, landscapes and tourist sites. The most prominent of which are the fruitful gardens, mangroves, and rivers filled with fish and shrimp … These factors have made the West extremely attractive to visitors.

Should travel to the West self-sufficient time and move like?

According to experienced backpackers in the West, the best time to visit this area is from March to May and September to November. The reason is because the climate in the West has two distinct seasons. The rainy and dry seasons are noticeable. If coming in the remaining months is in the rainy season and the weather is very erratic.

Travelers wishing to visit the West can choose from a variety of vehicles. Those who are far away, the  tour du lịch bằng máy bay  is the most suitable means. You can take a flight now to Can Tho airport and start the journey. If you are closer, you can choose a bus, bus or motorbike. When to the West, you can move between locations by motorbike or rent a boat, boat to travel.

A few notes to choose western self-sufficient travel luggage

When starting your trip, you should choose a moderate luggage, do not bring too much will be difficult to move. The weather here is very pleasant so just choose the usual outfit and jacket to avoid the sun. Because this place is mainly composed of water, the clothes also need to be colored and easy to wash to avoid stains leading to difficult washing. For shoes, you should choose soft-sole or back-heeled sandals, not high heels. Because moving on the boat will be quite difficult.

Another note is that visitors should bring insect repellent, prepare more sticks and flashlights to make the trip perfect.

Western backpackers should go?

The West is an area of ​​12 provinces and 1 city. Therefore, this place has a lot of interesting tourist attractions. With our knowledge and experience in Western travel, we suggest some places for your   self-sufficient tour du lịch miền tây

Long An

Tour du lịch miền tây

Coming to Long An, this is a province located adjacent to Saigon candle as a tourist attraction to attract tourists. In Long An, you should visit Dong Thap Muoi. This is an eco-tourism area with wild beauty and rich flora and fauna. A place that attracts visitors not to be missed. In addition, in Long An there is also Tan Lap floating village, which gives visitors the feeling of being lost in a fairy-tale place.

Ca Mau

Tour du lịch miền tây

Capeland is a place not to be missed. Come to Ca Mau, you will admire the beauty of the end of the country. There are also many interesting places to visit such as Dam Thi Tuong, the specialties of this place.

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Tien Giang

The next place in the self-sufficient tour of the West is Tien Giang. Here gathers many famous tourist destinations. If you want spiritual tourism, there is the Vàng Tràng Pagoda. Want to ecotourism, there is Dong Tam snake farm, which nurtures many rare snakes. Even more Western than that, there were fruit-laden orchards…

Ben tre

Vườn cây ăn trái Cái Mơn

This is an ideal place when you do not know where to go to the West. This is a very famous land for green coconut trees. In addition, here is Long Lan Quy Phung eco-tourism area very attractive to visitors.

Can Tho

Tour du lịch miền tây

This is the most magnificent tourist destination of the West. Choosing Can Tho for a self-sufficient trip to the West, you can go to many places such as Cai Rang floating market, My Khanh eco-tourism area, Co Bang Lang Garden tourist area, Ninh Kieu wharf …

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Tour du lịch miền tây

The delicious food in the West:

Food is also a factor to attract tourists to the western region of the river.

Coming to the West, the first dish that you should taste is fish noodles. This is a very popular dish in this area. There are different ways of processing and delicious flavors in each place.

Snakehead fish soup

Snakehead fish is a very poisonous fish, need to be carefully prepared to be safe. However, for people in the river area, this is too easy. The bowl of sweet porridge, Bui Bui will remind you of this peaceful land forever.

Hotpot sauce

This dish appeared in Can Tho long time ago and became a specialty of this land. This dish is the main ingredient of lucky fish in Chau Doc, the broth is made from fish sauce and coconut water or bone broth. In addition, there are other hotpot dishes such as flexible fish hotpot, crab hotpot …


Pancakes, Canh cake, Pia cake, Huan … these are all rustic dishes and appear throughout the West. If you come to this land, do not forget to try this dish!

The above are useful experiences for a  self-sufficient trip to  the West . Hope it can help your trip to be more rational!

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