Dai Nam loading and unloading service with Covid-19 season discounts

Home moving service, package office moving, warehouse relocation. Boc xep , porters of trucks, containers, warehouses, …Loading and unloading, porters at construction sites. Loading and unloading goods at the port, wholesale market, bus station … Unloading and assembling machines and equipment in warehouses, workshops… Receiving packing, dismantling down to cartons

dich vu boc xep hang hoa

Forms of hiring and unloading of Dai Nam Loading and Unloading

In order to help customers convenient in hiring and handling, Dai Nam Loading and Unloading has various forms for customers to choose from as follows:

  • Dich vu boc xep of establishing long-term contracts (preferential prices)
  • Rent loading and unloading by the hour, shift or package
  • Hire and unloading of securities for each project

Advantages of our loading and unloading service

Flexible service upon request

  • Dai Nam Loading and Unloading service is available 24/7, including at night, on holidays or on holidays. Present quickly and promptly meet the needs of loading and unloading customers.

Cargo insurance for customers

  • Staff will always be careful when handling and loading customers’ goods. However, if a rare fall occurs, collapsing property, Dai Nam Loading and Unloading will compensate 100% of the value to ensure the benefit of customers.

Support VAT invoice issuance

  • For the convenience of customers when working with the tax authorities, Dai Nam Loading and Unloading will support the red invoice upon request.

Cheap loading and unloading service

  • Loading and unloading Dai Nam brings the most competitive seasoning rental rates to the market. Especially for the package works or when customers hire and unload by the month will be bao gia dich vu boc xep attractive preferential service.

Get the job done quickly – safely

  • Our hired porters are well-trained and professionally handled. Crane systems, forklifts and other advanced specialized equipment helps Dai Nam Loading and Unloading staff will handle difficult projects in a short time, ensuring maximum safety!

Honest and enthusiastic staff

  • The service attitude of the staff was highly appreciated by Dai Nam Loading and Unloading. We always try to complete the task in the most thoughtful way.

The process of hiring and handling at Dai Nam Loading and unloading

Step 1: Receive customer information and quotes

Case 1 : If the customer wants to hire a specific number of employees, contact the call center and make a request, we will quote and dispatch employees to immediately.

Case 2 : For large projects, we will schedule a survey to estimate the number of labor and machinery needed, then quote a good price to customers. Survey costs are completely free.

Step 2: Service staff pick up as required

Staff will quickly perform the requirements of unloading, packaging, loading and unloading at the request of customers in the shortest time.

Step 3: Acceptance and payment

Customers check all goods and furniture. Then complete the payment with the loading and unloading captain.

In the case of heavy or heavy lifting works, we will have a supervisor throughout, ensuring labor safety standards. At the same time will have signed a contract and issued a red invoice according to customer requirements.

Customers are looking for a healthy team of porters, professional, good service attitude – Please contact Unloading Dai Nam to receive rental rates dich vu boc xep the most competitive markets.