Constructing and completing concrete cutting drilling in Trang Dai

Hung Vy Company announces the process of executing and completing concrete cutting and drilling in Trang Dai.

Constructing the roof body

Proceed with erection of steel column, erection of column formwork, concreting of the column.

Building wall covering, shielding works according to technical standards.

Conduct erection of girder formwork, erection of girder beam and floor.

Installing and installing technical piping system going to the floor.

Concreting beams and floors.

Building partitions, constructing stairs.

Water cutting drill

Ceiling plaster, interior plaster with exterior wall.

Waterproof treatment of exposed floor tiles and exposed floors.


Khoan cắt bê tông Đồng Nai process is completed.

khoan cắt bê tông đồng nai

Paint inside and outside the house.

Performing tiles, tiling, decorative stone…

Installing doors, railings…

Clean up after finishing the construction.